California – important details

Dear friends and family,

We’re very much looking forward to seeing you all this weekend!  Please read on for very important details you will need to make it to the event, whether you’re planning on coming just for dinner, drinks, or camping the whole weekend.

tl;dr: arrive at Lookout Ridge by 3:30 on Saturday via Marciel Rd.  Please carpool if you can.  The gate code is 2662.  Bring a flashlight.  Grab a parking permit once you arrive.  Have fun!


Please arrive by 3:30 on Saturday, since it may take some time to park and the “ceremony” will start at 4pm sharp.


5pm – earliest arrival (entrance gate closes at 10pm)


4pm – ceremony

5pm – dinner

6pm – dessert

7pm – fire (conditions permitting)

9pm – s’mores

10pm – park quiet hours begin



12pm – checkout at noon sharp


If you have any dietary restrictions you may have forgotten to mention, please let us know ASAP. Also please be aware that if the fire danger stays high, fires (except camp stoves) and smoking will be prohibited everywhere in the park.

Driving, Parking, and Contact Info

The picnic will be held at Lookout Ridge Group Camp in Anthony Chabot Regional Park.  Parking is limited so please carpool; and phone service is spotty so please print or queue up the directions below ahead-of-time.  Online directions may take you to the entirely wrong place due to road closures and missing park roads (the above link has the right gist, but the directions below also include crucial details like the gate code).  Make sure your directions include Marciel Road — while Lake Chabot Regional Park (a different park from Anthony Chabot) and the Skyline parking lot are close as the crow flies, they are 30+ minutes away by car.

  • Starting from 580E in Oakland, exit at 35th Ave and turn left.

  • In about a mile, 35th Ave turns into Redwood Rd.

  • Continue for about 8 miles on Redwood, intermittent signage saying ‘road closed, campground open’

  • When the road dead-ends at a construction closure, turn right on Marciel road into the park.

  • Continue for about 2 miles.  About ⅓ mile past the turnoff for the marksmanship range, there is a turnoff on the right blocked by a gate (see below).   The gate should be marked with balloons.

  • The gate code is 2662.  Line up the numbers, push the “U” part of the lock into the main body of the lock and pull the lock open.  If you find the gate locked, please lock it behind you.

  • Proceed for about another mile to Hawk Ridge / Lookout Ridge.  If someone isn’t there to meet you, go ahead and park in any marked spot but make sure to ask around about a parking permit right away.



If you hit the ranger’s station for the family campground, you’ve gone too far.  Please say you’re looking for the Hawk Ridge group campsite (don’t ask for the Wedding), turn around, and try again to find the turnoff/gate about ¼ mile back.

Day-of contact numbers:   Jason:  510.967.2809.  Sarah 510.229.7138. Roxanne (Sarah’s mom):  218.750.0357. Service is spotty at best so text is your best bet.


Parking will be limited at the site, so please try not to arrive solo (except by rideshare).  If you can offer rides or need one, please use this website to coordinate.  A Lyft / Uber ride from Downtown Oakland to the campground should cost about $25. (Just remember to bring the gate code, and keep in mind that hailing a ride out might be more difficult than getting in.)

What to bring

Please consider bringing a flashlight, since there is no electricity and you may need it to find your way around the bathrooms after dark.

Attire is Camping Cocktail, a.k.a, wear something comfortable and maybe colorful/fun if you’re feeling adventurous (err on the side of fun over formal, but definitely don’t stress about it either way).  Costumes encouraged.

Please help reduce waste and bring a cup / water bottle if you can.  We’ll provide the wine, beer, coffee, water, and soft drinks to fill it.

Your company is the only gift we could ask for; If you feel compelled to contribute something, please consider making a tax-deductible donation to one of our favorite organizations.

Info for Dog Owners

Dogs are more than welcome; however, keep them away from the lake to avoid exposure to toxic blue-green algae.  If your dog is spending the night, there is a $2/night/dog fee.  Drive past the group campsite gate about a quarter-mile and pay at the entrance to the main campground.  Dogs are technically supposed to be on a leash when not in a tent.

Info for Campers

You can arrive starting at 5pm on Friday (just know we’ll probably be busy getting things set up off and on until 4pm Saturday).  Please bring a tent and sleeping bags (plus extras) if you have them.  We also suggest bringing lots of layers, a warm jacket, and hat if you plan to camp and/or picnic into the evening.   We will spread out over a few campgrounds, so please ask about where to set up when you arrive.  If you need to borrow gear or have gear to spare, please help each-other out with this nifty spreadsheet.

We’ll have beer all weekend and provide Saturday dinner, and other campers will be preparing other meals for Friday dinner and and Saturday/Sunday breakfast.

Please reply to this email if you’re planning on coming Friday, or camping Saturday night and willing to help clean up on Sunday (or just tell us when you arrive).  Much appreciated!

Look forward to seeing you all in just a few days!

Love, Jason & Sarah


P.S. our cell phones won’t work well at the campground (starting Friday afternoon), text is your best bet but please try to contact us sooner if you anticipate questions.  Jason:  510.967.2809.  Sarah 510.229.7138. Roxanne (Sarah’s mom):  218.750.0357.